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How to Use Xbs Mens Repair Activity Cream? | 8 Steps

xbs men’s repair activity cream is a greet pens enlargement cream. but how can you use it to achieve the best effect?


Step#01: Small area application test

Apply to a small area of skin first to check for allergic reactions. If any rash, burning sensation, or inflammation occurs, stop using this xbs cream.

Step#02: Check the instructions

Check the label of the penis cream and apply only the prescribed amount on the penis, do not apply too much at once, more creams will not bring benefits.

Step#03: Gentle movements

Cover the genitals gently with your index finger and thumb and make sure you move gently.

Step#04: Actions to avoid

Avoid doing any masturbatory strokes as this will hurt the penetration function.

Step#05: If you have curved genitals

If you have a curved or bent sexual organ, perform the manipulation gradually. This is to possibly get all the positions of your penis with gentle and even application of movements.

Step#06: The temperature of your hands must not be too cold

Your hands should not be cold, they should be warm to the touch, low temperature will affect the effect of the XBS CREAM.

Step#07: 3 minutes cycle

A few minutes a cycle, within those few minutes so that the penetration process can act, for example, 3 minutes a cycle, first apply once, then 3 minutes later apply again, so that the effect will be better.

Step#08: Anal sex

If you participate in backdoor sex positions, consider utilizing a silicone-based anal lubricant.

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