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XBS Cream Review-Best Review in 2021


Does Xbs Cream Works?

There is an effect, but you need to adhere to a period to have an effect, when you first start using it will not immediately see the effect, adhere to use once a day, or adhere to use two or three times a week, it will take at least a month to see significant results, three months the effect will be consolidated.

The Rest of the Penis Enlargement Products, Is It Useful?

We often see some penis enlargement products that advertise they can increase the length of the penis, such as some enhancement pills, pumps, surgical methods, etc. Are you tempted? What is the difference between them and xbs cream, is it better than xbs cream?

Different products have different functions. xbs cream is a slow and healthy way to add value. You will not see the effect immediately in a short time, but it is not harmful to your body and is a healthier way.

Experience the ultimate size boost with our revolutionary penis enlargement cream – get ready for a new level of confidence and satisfaction!

What Kind of Penis Is Normal?

If you are worried that your penis is too small to meet your needs during sex and satisfy your partner, this worry is normal. But scientific studies have shown that most men who worry about their penis being under the table have a normal size penis.

Likewise, studies have shown that many men have an exaggerated perception of what “normal” penis size is.

Only when the penis measures less than 3 inches (about 7.5 cm) when erect is it considered abnormally small, a condition known as micropenis.

How partners perceive penis size

Advertisers would have you believe that your partner is very concerned about penis size. If you are concerned, talk to your partner.

Remember that understanding your partner’s needs and wants is more likely to improve your sexual relationship than changing the size of your penis.

Don’t Believe the Hype

So many companies advertise that they have a way to instantly enlarge your penis without using surgery and often advertise them with serious-looking ads that include reports of scientific studies.

But if you look closely, you will see that in reality, their claims are not reliable, and their safety and effectiveness can be greatly compromised and unproven.

Marketers need to exaggerate their propaganda so that they can sell their products, but for consumers, these exaggerations give them the wrong idea, especially for penis enlargement products, and the wrong idea can have very serious consequences.

Penis Enlargement Products

Most penis enlargement products may have very little effect and some may harm you, here are some widely promoted products and techniques.

CREAM category

these products will usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones, etc. The effect may not be as good as advertised, but from consumer reviews, it is somewhat effective.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps can make the penis look bigger for a short time, but if used too often or for a long time, they can damage the elastic tissues of the penis and cause erection difficulties.

In stretching exercises, there is a stretching apparatus that is fitted to the penis to be used to apply gentle tension.


Surgical methods can permanently increase the length of the penis, but surgery can sometimes be risky and may not work. Not 100% in terms of effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Xbs Cream Review

I will do one review for xbs cream, xbs cream is also called xbs men’s repair activity cream, so this also means the xbs men’s repair activity cream review.

When I first met my girlfriend, I was very passionate and she was very satisfied at that time, but after a few years of knowing each other, the frequency of sex became less and less because the passion became less and less, and another reason was that my penis was not long enough.

In the beginning, my girlfriend did not complain because at that time, her clitoris is still more sensitive, the two lives are also more harmonious, just know very passionate, and then met not much time, sometimes a month to meet once, such a life lasted about two years, so two years to meet the number of times is not so much.

After two years of dating, we got married, after marriage, we lived together, this time you can often have sex, sex gradually more often, the passion is also reduced, and then the penis problem appeared.

The short penis does not easily allow my wife to experience pleasure, she often complained that my penis is a little short, let me go to attend treatment, but as a man, this part of the body is a little short, how good to go to the hospital, and I am still so young, I do not want to go.

So I went online to find out if there were any penis enlargement methods, and I saw a lot of methods, and some of the methods mentioned at the beginning above are the ones I learned about, such as using a vacuum pump, going for surgery, and using essential oils, and also using CREAM type.

For the vacuum pump, I am worried about safety issues, so I have not gone to use it.

Surgery is not something I’m considering for now, because I don’t want to go to the hospital and let the doctor know about my problems.

On the internet, I searched the official website of XBS CREAM, which describes some of the effects of XBS CREAM and that it is composed of some herbal substances with additives that are not harmful to the body. I then decided to buy it and try it out.

The customer service was very good and after communicating a little bit about the courier shipping time, I placed my order. I chose the free courier so I could wait patiently for a while because I didn’t know if this product would work and I didn’t want to waste money on courier fees, and if it didn’t work by then, my loss would be smaller.

Surprisingly, even though I chose the free courier, it still arrived more than ten days later and I couldn’t wait to open the package to see if the product was true as described in the picture.

First I carefully read the instructions, if I follow them strictly and still have no effect, then it means that the product is indeed ineffective.

I did not tell my daughter-in-law about the purchase of this product because I wanted to surprise her.

I needed to clean my penis before using it, so I went to take a shower before I applied XBS CREAM to my penis and then rubbed my hands slowly.

I remember the customer service telling me that before using it, I must apply a little bit to see the effect, and if there is an allergic reaction or any discomfort, I need to stop immediately and use water to rinse it off.

However, when I applied it, no adverse reaction occurred, no burning sensation, a little cool feeling, I think this may be because the XBS CREAM temperature is a little low.

After I used it for a while, my libido did improve, I don’t know if it was the effect of the product, or a psychological effect, because whenever I used the product, I wanted to go and try the effect.

The effect of course needs to be tested together with your wife to experience whether it works or not.

Finally, I waited for an opportunity, that night, after the shower, my daughter-in-law also went to the shower, and then the environment is just right, so I tested the test, the effect is quite satisfactory. I don’t know if XBS CREAM is effective, but I was satisfied with my sex life this time.

I then insisted on using XBS CREAM again, and so far, the effect is still satisfactory, but in the end, it remains to be seen whether it will last.

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